Physical Fitness

PHYSICAL FITNESS The Physical Fitness Outreach program provides needed physical recreation for at risk youth in the Caribbean. To work in collaboration with representatives in the Caribbean to build a recreational youth soccer program. This effort will provide a constructive alternative for youth and instill the ideas behind a healthy active lifestyle. Develop measurable outcomes

Community Outreach

COMMUNITY OUTREACH The Community Outreach program seeks to extend a helping hand to provide resources for underprivileged children in Los Angeles. To provide resources necessary to help homeless children with supplies they may need to cope with homelessness. Develop measurable outcomes and monitor performance over time.

Education Mission

The Education Mission of Aojah, exists to carry out the mission of the Association. The team identifies and provide underprivileged youth with opportunities and resources to further their education, no matter their economic plight. To coordinate with Los Angeles and Caribbean organizations to identify the educational restraints and assist with providing materials to help fill

Medical Mission

MEDICAL MISSION  - The Medical and Dental team of AOJAH, exists to carry out the Mission of the Association. The primary focus of this team, is to partner with local agencies to provided health screens in identified communities and also to provide Medical and Dental assistance to the under served population in the Caribbean, through