Dr Greg Saccone has been doing medical missions since 2002 and has played a major role in the planning of many. Dr Saccone received his medical degree from UCLA Medical School and did is medical residency at UCLA as well. He then did the Kennamer Internal Medicine Fellowship, which is a prestigious fellowship offered through the UCLA Internal Medicine program. He was an Assistant Professor of Medicine at UCLA for several years before joining Kaiser Permanente Medical Group in Southern California. He is board certified in Internal Medicine and practices in Inglewood California, where he cares for a community that is historically medically underserved. In addition to his medical practice, Dr Saccone is the Physician Director of Medical Informatics at Kaiser WLA and has several other leadership roles. He has been honored as Internist of the Year (2007) and won the Hospital Hero award for Kaiser WLA in 2008. In his free time he loves to write, play blues guitar and spend time with his family.