By: Carly Duncan –

Dr. Larry Hess is an OB-Gyn at Kaiser Permanente Woodland Hills for 28 years. He has been instrumental in introducing and teaching gynecologic laparoscopic surgical skills to physicians in St. Ann’s Bay, as well as Jubilee Hospital in Kingston for the past several years. He has gotten major equipment donations from laparoscopic surgical supply companies in the U.S to accomplish these goals. Here’s what he has to say about volunteering with AOJAH:
1. How did you become involved with AOJAH?
I worked with Joan Henry and listened to her stories. She said there was room for me and so it began.
2. What is your role in the AOJAH team?
As a Gynecologist on the surgical team, teaching advanced laparoscopy to the local surgeons and helping procure donations for the mission.
3. What is your favorite part of being involved with the program?
Going back year after year and seeing the fruits of your previous trips in action.
4. Can you please share one specific story or memory involving AOJAH that sticks out to you?
My very first breakfast after getting off the red-eye introduced me to ackee and saltfish. From the on. I’ve tried and liked just about everything including jerk, curried goat, stinking toe, cowfoot, and more. Mannish water is still on my list, so I have to go back!
5. What keeps you coming back?
Whenever I leave the island after a week of work, I have a feeling of complete fulfillment. I always feel that I’ve gotten more back than anything I’ve given.
6. How has being involved with the organization changed you?
I really appreciate my life and blessings much more fully having experienced a very different reality.
7. Is there anything else you would like people interested in AOJAH to know?
Don’t wait for the perfect opportunity to help. Get involved and do something.
Stay tuned to learn more about our wonderful team!